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Associate Software Engineer

You’ve spent 1-3 years working hard to wrap up your graduate program, it’s now time to get your hands dirty! At Conceptvines, you’ll learn the software engineer landscape and hopefully you’ll end up finding your niche!

If you thrive in fast paced environments and have an ambition to be world class; apply!!

Required Skills:

  1. Fundamental knowledge on Java, .Net or Javascript

  2. Fundamental knowledge on scrum ceremonies and agile

  3. Fundamental knowledge on usage of project management tools such as JIRA

  4. Strong written and verbal communication

  5. Analytical and logical thinking

  6. Ability to work effectively without supervision

  7. High degree of accountability in putting out high quality output


Desirable Skills:

  1. Basic understanding of software best practices

  2. Understanding of Test-Driven Development

  3. Understanding of software development lifecycle

What to Expect:

  1. One-to-one mentoring from an overall career perspective

  2. Coding direction & guidance

  3. Opportunity to work with other outstanding individuals

  4. Exposure to cutting edge technology

  5. Opportunity to contribute outside of your JD for well-rounded exposure



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