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Our company was formed by bringing together highly experienced and specialized expertise from several areas: Private Capital, Strategic Consulting and Product Engineering. Our founding team and core leadership are recognized transformation leaders with deep business and technology backgrounds. We have global technology experience and domain depth across all industries including Banking, Insurance,  Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Logistics.

On our Venture’s side, a General Partner in our company was the CEO and Chairman of one of Wall Street’s top Investment Banks and our supporting investment team have extensive Venture Capital experience in the sourcing and management of great technology firms.

Our advisory board and broader network consists of world renowned, progressive business and technology leaders who believe in the ConceptVines cause and business model and are all active contributors to our platform.

Most importantly the core of our company is our Engineering talent. Our focus is to provide expert engineering services around emerging technologies; including Blockchain, AI, IOT, 5G, Extended Reality, Metaverse and others. Our charter is to be seen as a unique innovation partner and builder of new business models for our clients.

Outside of our skills, the core values of our company are critical to both our own and our

customer’s success:


We treat our people exceptionally well by providing both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits to help them remain happy both personally and professionally. We promote a highly empowering and entrepreneurial work environment which helps us attract and retain top industry talent.


We walk through walls for our clients. We seek to provide a customer experience which is unique, caring, memorable and impactful. As a smaller specialized company focused on strategy and innovation, it is paramount that we align tightly to our client’s teams and strategic objectives and be viewed as a trusted partner and an indispensable part of their organization.


We are always innovating and looking to stay on the ultimate bleeding edge of technology and the establishment of new dynamic business models. We seek to leave repeated footprints of new technology platforms to help our clients truly transform their business. To reframe their purpose. To create step-change 10x outcomes. To actively help our startup companies grow successfully. To help our established enterprise clients turn the tables on digital disrupters while creating their own market disruption.


We operate as a firm with the highest degree of integrity and business ethics with no exceptions. 


We believe in and invest heavily in social responsibility and actively support and promote ESG causes across our business. We promote diversity in our global workforce. A core part of our solution and portfolio focus is targeted at social areas including Financial Wellness, Health and Wellness and Sustainability.

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