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Exponential innovations such as Public Cloud, Cloud Native Architecture, Advanced Data Processing & Analytics, IOT, 5G and <your favourite tech buzzword> have meant cost of building has become significantly lower. This means traditional barriers to entries for Innovators has been lifted opening flood gates of new & bold ventures in every industry.

FinTech, Web3, HealthTech, InsurTech and the list is endless, and we are very certainly going through a radical period where traditional industry boundaries are redrawn, and few industries are getting totally decimated creating kodak moments for many.

While it is often too difficult to predict the future, it is easier when you stay in the present and start creating your future. CV Labs helps you build your future whether you are an entrepreneur with a bright idea or an Enterprise with decades of technology debt. Founded on the principles of Open Innovation, CV Labs is a Venture Factory.

CV Labs combines capital, human & machine centric design, product engineering and distribution to make your ideas into reality. Unlike traditional labs & studios that have devolved into fancy chairs & low impact MVPs, we are super focused on just three macro themes.

  • Future of Finance

  • Future of Industrial Automation / Industry 4.0 and

  • Future of Healthcare

Our Experts track 50 sub themes & 2500 disruptive start-ups across the macro themes and are equipped with endless possibilities to enrich your ideas. You will really enjoy talking about the shifts in these areas. Our deep network in the three-focus area mean you will get access to deep Industry experts to validate your Product Market Fit and very importantly the right industry connects to scale your venture.

With our Vines Innovation Platform that underpins our labs, you can create a Digital Twin of your organisation swiftly and start converting your big ideas into reality in no time with a curated list of partners who can augment your innovation journey with cutting edge capabilities.



Let us solve your problems with our Vines Innovation Platform 



“Open Innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.”

- Henry Chesbrough, Father of Open Innovation.


Key components of Vines Innovation Platform (VIP) 

  • Solution Wizard & Sandbox

Low Code No Code platform for rapid mash up of solutions using APIs from disruptive start-ups across the globe. Powered by proprietary data models & synthetic data to mimic real life

  • Marketplace

Collaboration space to co-innovate with disruptive innovators with solutions and other industry peers owning problem and opportunity statements

  • Solution Store

Metaverse based Front Store for demonstrating solution capabilities to investors & customers


Culture of Innovation is unique to an organization and often defines the very existence of the organization itself over longer periods. One of the proven ways to improve your Innovation effectiveness, helping your staff become better at solving problem at a fractional cost and time is Open Innovation. Imagine transforming your car to a Ferrari when you are driving on a slow car. That is the capability shift Open Innovation can deliver.

Open Innovation promotes continuous flow of ideas between a wide range of collaborators both internal and external towards delivering vital business, operational and technology outcomes. In simpler terms, Open Innovation removes the boundaries and barriers for innovating.

Whilst Open Innovation makes lot of sense and is being widely accepted, adopting it in its truest sense has not been easy. We have been very passionate Open Innovation and have built several Open Innovation Platforms & Marketplaces including one of the largest Open Innovation markets in APAC connecting hundreds of banks with several thousand FinTech.

At ConceptVines, Open Innovation is the founding stone of how we look at Innovating for our customers. Leveraging our experience, we have been building a totally reimagined version of our Open Innovation Platform, Vines, addresses the key gaps witnessed during our implementations in the last 7+ years. Vines helps you solve your problems faster than ever collaborating with curated list of partners aligning to the priorities of your organization & the industry you are a part of and at times even applying learnings from other industries.



Let us solve your problems with our Vines Innovation Platform 

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